Our offering

After developing his expertise in 3D printing, working in the biomedical industry and completing his bachelor at McGill in mechanical engineering, Ethienne Racine launched UCrea. Our mission: offering affordable, high quality 3D printing as a solution to small and medium businesses with needs in rapid prototyping, small batch manufacturing and production of complex or personalized geometries. Our online platform makes ordering simple. All this allows our customers to focus on what they do best: Bringing great ideas to life!

Our beginnings

Back in 2010, Ethienne was intrigued by the movement around democratization of 3D printing. Back at the time, 3D printing was not as accessible as it is now. Ethienne decided to build his own 3D printer. He was quickly approached to sell replicas of his machine. After iterating over his design, he offered multiple workshops and created kits to assemble a 3D printer. After competing and making it to the finals of the McGill Dobson cup entrepreneurial competition, Ethienne continued his startup offering accessible 3D printing services after graduating in 2018 and settled on the current business model later that year.

We’re approachable!

Reach out to us through info@ucrea.ca

We’d be happy to answer all your questions and share our expertise in 3D printing to help you bring your projects to life!